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In general circumstances, no referral is required, however Medicare EPC patients or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) patients will require a referral from their GP.

You do not need to see a GP prior to seeing a physiotherapist, as both physiotherapists are primary healthcare practitioners. If your condition relates to an insurance or DVA claim, it is advisable to have a GP or specialist referral.

Physiotherapy treatments are 30 minutes in a private room, focusing solely on you. Both initial and follow-up consultations take half an hour. We run on time, so please arrive a bit early, especially for your first appointment, to complete any necessary paperwork.

During your initial consultation, your physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your presenting problem, medical background, and surgical history. They’ll review any images you bring and conduct a physical examination involving palpation, movement, and observation to accurately diagnose your condition. Together, you’ll create an action plan for treatment. If further imaging or specialist referral is needed, it will be discussed. With your consent, treatment will begin, and you’ll receive exercises as appropriate. You’ll leave with a working diagnosis, prognosis, and an estimated recovery timeline.

The frequency of your treatments depends on your condition. At your first session’s end, your physiotherapist will provide an outline of the recommended number of visits and schedule a review to monitor your progress.

You can book anytime using our online service or by calling our clinic at (02) 5119 9200 to speak with our friendly reception staff at Next Practice Braddon. Currently, Complete Rehabilitation is open on Monday afternoons, with plans to expand availability in the coming months.

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Please remember to bring your referral from your GP or healthcare provider to your appointment. It’s also helpful to bring any x-rays or scans related to your condition, along with wearing suitable attire for assessment.

For optimal assessment, please wear clothing that allows access to your affected area. For instance, wear a singlet for shoulder issues or shorts for knee assessments. If you don’t have suitable attire, we provide freshly cleaned shorts, singlets, and full-length robes for your comfort and privacy.

Some manual techniques may be uncomfortable but should never be painful. If a technique is too uncomfortable, your physiotherapist will find an alternative. Mild soreness for a day or two after treatment is normal, like after mild exercise. If it persists or worsens, contact your therapist. Always communicate any concerns.

Physiotherapists cannot refer directly to specialists like orthopaedic surgeons or neurologists. However, Complete Rehabilitation has a strong network of specialists in Canberra and Sydney. We will coordinate with your GP to ensure you are referred to the appropriate specialist.

Physiotherapists can order x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds to aid diagnosis but not CT or Bone Scans due to their high radiation levels. Medicare rebates are available only for x-rays of the spine and hips. For other imaging, patients often prefer physiotherapy referrals to avoid the time and cost of obtaining a GP or specialist referral. Your physiotherapist will explain all options when ordering any imaging.

If you have a chronic condition like osteoarthritis, you might qualify for a Medicare rebate through the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, arranged between Complete Rehabilitation and your GP. Your GP will determine your eligibility for up to five physiotherapy sessions annually, with the potential for 10 sessions if you are ATSI. While physiotherapy isn’t typically covered by Medicare, exceptions exist under the EPC multidisciplinary care plan. Patients pay at the time of treatment and claim a rebate from Medicare. Please contact your GP, Complete Rehabilitation or Medicare at 132 011 for more information on EPC care plans.

Complete Rehabilitation offers HICAPS facilities, providing convenient on-the-spot health fund rebates for patients with eligible insurance. We recommend checking with your health fund for specific rebate details. Payment is required at the time of your consultation.

With HICAPS, you can process your private health fund claim during your visit, eliminating the need for queuing at health fund branches or filling out claim forms. Simply present your health fund card to the receptionist when paying your account.

Complete Rehabilitation also treats insurance patients. If you have an insurance claim, please have a GP or specialist referral and ensure your claim is accepted by your insurer. We require payment at the time of service, and you can forward your paid invoice to your insurer for a rebate. Be aware of potential coverage gaps as we charge our listed fees for all insurance patients.

DVA Gold Card holders are fully covered for physiotherapy sessions and related expenses with a GP referral. Contact us beforehand for details to provide your GP. For other Veterans’ Affairs Cards (Green or White), please contact DVA at 133 254 for information on physiotherapy rebates.

Once treatment starts, DVA clients should provide a D904 Form from their referring doctor and their DVA card details. Claims are submitted electronically to DVA for processing

Yes, we treat both self-managed and plan-managed clients at our clinic. Currently, services are only available in-clinic, but we plan to introduce a mobile physiotherapy service soon, extending our care to your home. If you are interested in “In Home” Physiotherapy sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, Complete Rehabilitation treats Workers Compensation clients and regularly communicates with insurance companies. We require details such as your claim number, insurance provider, medical referrals, and any relevant medical documents (scan reports, specialist letters, diagnoses). Clients are responsible for payments at the time of consultation until liability is accepted by the insurer. Some insurers may not cover the full consultation cost, requiring clients to pay a Gap Charge. Contact us or your insurer for details on specific insurers and Gap Charge fees.

Physiotherapists are skilled healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions affecting bones, muscles, nerves, and the cardiovascular system. They provide comprehensive care for chronic diseases, offer lifestyle guidance, prescribe tailored exercises, aid in recovery from injuries, manage pain, and recommend activity modifications to enhance mobility and daily function. Unsure if physiotherapy is right for you? Contact our friendly team at Next Practice Braddon on (02) 5119 9200 for personalized advice and assistance.

At Complete Rehabilitation, our physiotherapists are dedicated to optimizing musculoskeletal health through comprehensive care. Beyond pain relief, we offer expert guidance on posture, strength training, and sometimes even nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. We provide pre-employment screenings and specialize in acute sports injuries like sprains and strains, ensuring proper assessment and treatment for joint and muscle injuries. Our services extend to:

  • managing spinal pain,
  • headaches,
  • jaw pain,
  • children’s growing pains,
  • overuse injuries
  • tendon conditions like tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis.

We also assist with pre and post-surgical rehabilitation for procedures such as knee and hip replacements, ACL reconstructions, and rotator cuff repairs. If you’re unsure about whether physiotherapy can benefit you, reach out to our friendly team at (02) 5119 9200 for personalized advice and assistance.

Please see our SERVICES page for more infomation

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How to Get Started on your Physiotherapy Healing Journey

You can call our clinic at Next Practice Braddon during business hours on (02) 5119 9200 OR you can book an appointment online at anytime through this website.

Your first physiotherapy appointment, lasting 30 minutes, comprises five essential components: discussing your concerns, a thorough physical examination, diagnosis, treatment, and planning. While tailored to your needs, this structure ensures consistent, high-quality care throughout your journey.

Your physiotherapy treatment plan is personalized to suit your specific needs. We’ll discuss education and activity adjustments to empower you in managing your injury beyond our clinic. You can also expect tailored exercise plans, soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, dry needling, and taping.

Committing to regular home exercises is crucial for maximizing the benefits of therapy and ensuring success in your rehabilitation journey. Your dedication to your health between sessions is the cornerstone of unlocking your full potential. Empower yourself to thrive—it starts with you.

Our standard follow-up appointment, lasting 30 minutes, mirrors the structure of your initial session. If you’ve been contemplating physiotherapy, now is the perfect time to experience its benefits firsthand. Our dedicated team is eager to assist with any injury or condition, aiming to restore your enjoyment of favourite activities. Contact us today to schedule your physiotherapy appointment with our friendly team.